About Me

Love Joy Love - with Katie

Hi!  My name is Katie. 

I'm just a real person living in this same real world that you are! 

I would say that I'm a happy and joyful introvert quietly finding my way through an extroverted world.  I love the idea that our mindset predicts our reality and can't help but think that the way I view the world through my "rosey pink glasses" has lead me to feel very content in my current life and yet so excited for the future!


I'm a wife to my handsome husband, a mom to 4 kids & 2 bulldogs, a NICU nurse by day, and....an aspiring entrepreneur by night!  I'm humbled through the miracles of resilience and life that I encounter every single day I clock-in as a NICU nurse, but I truly desire to find the freedom of time through my entrepreneurial spirit someday! 

(GOODBYE 5am alarm clock and HELLO being home with my family for holidays!)

Anyhow, back to why I created this "Secret Skin Care" website! 

One of the biggest blessings I've found as an entrepreneur is the incredible people I've met.  Deidre Howard, the formulator of REVEAL Skin care, happens to be one of these people.  I quickly fell in love with her product and knew I needed to find a way to meet this super-cool and smart lady who created it! 


I mean seriously y'all...  REVEAL is simple and clean, yet scientifically magical!  It had this nerdy-nurse-mom intrigued from the get-go!  So, long story short, I did get the chance to meet her and we quickly found out how many things we have in common, including our drive to help other women find success through becoming their best selves!  And guess what else?!  I now get the honor to say I enjoy working alongside the super-cool Deidre on a daily basis! (seriously, pinch me!)  I'm so excited to continue sharing this simple, clean, and magical secret in a bottle with more people

just like you!

So, if you haven't yet, go ahead and get yourself a bottle already!  :p  Once you make your purchase, you'll be hearing directly from us so we can figure out how Reveal will most personally benefit you!