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How about a word from our formulator?

Our skin is an amazing organ.  When you give it what it needs, it goes to work to replenish, repair, and renew itself. This is why REVEAL works, no matter your skin type --

oily, dry, aging, acneic, combination, and more!  

~Deidre Howard

   - Reveal Formulator

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So..... What exactly can I use REVEAL for?

I've listed just a few of the ways our customers use REVEAL below....

Daily Skin Care

8 different products all-in-one!

Use REVEAL on your face

morning and night!

Eczema & Psoriasis

I know it's hard to believe because you've probably tried it all....but it's true!

We have testimonies of REVEAL helping calm the terrible symptoms of

Eczema and Psoriasis!

After Waxing Care

Can you relate to this picture?  Does your skin get irritated after waxing?  REVEAL works as a great after-care product for all kinds of waxing!


REVEAL will absolutely brighten and renew your old faded tattoos! REVEAL is also being used as a primary after-care product to quickly heal brand new tattoos as well!


Are you man who shaves your face? 

Do you ever get itchy dry skin or razor bumps in between shaves?  If so, you'll definitely want to experience

the benefits of REVEAL!


REVEAL is  simply magical when it comes to helping people with Acne.  It's so rewarding to help them see there is  hope that their skin can be healthy again! 

Do you know anyone who would relate to the examples above?

If so, I'd love the opportunity to share this secret called

REVEAL 8-in-1 Skin Care!

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Yes!  REVEAL is absolutely a safe and clean product!

check out some of our favorite key ingredients below

Coconut Oil   &   Mangosteen


Clinical studies have found that xanthones, the active antioxidants found in the rind of the mangosteen fruit, possess hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties.


Hyaluronic Acid

This amazing ingredient absorbs 500 times its weight in moisture.  A natural sugar that occurs in the skin providing hydration, stability, and lubrication.  Being super-low molecular weight means the smaller molecule enhances absorption by the skin.

Liquid Velcro

A proprietary blend that includes USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil.  This is no ordinary coconut oil!  It doesn't sit on top of the skin or clog pores.  Instead, it literally rolls off the face in the form of residue, drawing out dirt from the pores and removing dead skin.

Reveal is also Conscious of Allergens and Sensitivities

We've highlighted some of our favorite ingredients for you, but believe it or not there's only  a total of twelve  ingredients in REVEAL.

{say what?!}   

Yep!    With only twelve ingredients, you can believe that  each one of them   has a specific purpose and was    chosen with care.   

And get this...Can you believe that those  twelve ingredients have the ability to replace eight of your current facial skin care products?! {again...say what?!}

No Automatic Auto-ships. 

So..... REVEAL does 8 different things?


When you use REVEAL twice a day, it delivers eight distinct and delightful results for your facial care routine!

Reveal can be   your:

• Cleanser
• Toner
• Exfoliator
• Hydrator
• Brightener
• Pore Minimizer
• Makeup Primer
• Age Defier

REVEAL  truly is for everyone!

No Automatic Auto-ships.

REVEAL is a family friendly product that will have a purpose for everyone!

{ that is....if you're willing to share... }

Check out what some other REAL people are  saying about REVEAL!

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Still have questions?  No problem! 

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I use Reveal?

On dry skin, apply a marble-size amount of product in a thin layer to face, neck, hands, or other area(s).  Gently spread as you would a moisturizer.

How often can I use Reveal?

Ideally, Reveal should be used daily, replacing your skin care routine. Reveal is also gentle enough to use twice daily.  Removing dead skin cells is imperative to younger, healthier skin.  Using Reveal more than once a day is absolutely fine but not necessary.

Is that really dead skin coming off?

What you're actually seeing is a combination of product, dead skin, dirt, and other debris from the pores and surface of your skin in the form of residue.

I applied Reveal and I didn't see any residue.

Make sure the product is completely absorbed (dry) into the skin before waiting the 45-60 seconds to begin gently rubbing. The time for the product to absorb will vary depending on your skin's temperature and pH.  Also, you may not have used enough product - be sure to use a marble size amount.

Should I wash my face before I use Reveal?

Not at all! Reveal is a cleanser/makeup remover.  However, for a deeper exfoliation, removing your makeup first will free up the ingredients in Reveal to remove dead skin as opposed to mostly makeup.  Should you choose to use another product to remove your makeup, know that Reveal will only enhance that product and help it work even better.  That goes for a moisturizer as well!


Does Reveal contain sunscreen and do I need to be concerned about exposure to sunlight when using Reveal?

Because Reveal is formulated to rinse off (but isn't necessary), it does not contain SPF. Typically, products that lighten or brighten skin can increase sensitivity. Reveal will not cause this sensitivity because it is not based on Vitamin C, retinoids, and other similar bases.  We do advise using sunscreen with Reveal.

Can I use Reveal if I have sensitive skin?

Reveal was originally formulated for people with sensitive skin and those who cannot use traditional exfoliators.  There are no grains or abrasive ingredients that might scratch or pull at the skin.  Reveal is made with an aloe vera, coconut, and avocado base that is soothing and hydrating to the skin.

Why should I exfoliate my skin?

Before we are 25 our skin cells readily turn over and fall off of the surface of our skin which is why young skin looks so smooth, plump and vibrant. As we age, that shedding process slows down and we are left with a layer of dead cells, which frequently cover the surface of our skin. In order to get back that youthful look we need to keep our skin "turning over" like it used to. That's what exfoliation does for you. Also; By removing surface cells, your skincare products affect your actual skin(and not the dead skin cells on top).

How long can I expect the tube to last?

One person, applying Reveal to the face morning and night every day, should get 30 days' use from each tube. And don't forget, Reveal replaces 8 other products typically used in a daily skin care routine!  What an amazing value!

Can I use Reveal all over my body?

Absolutely, it's great for the whole body! Reveal is terrific on feet, dry scalp, hands and elbows. It also does wonders for "backne" (acne on the back). Reveal is perfect for the neck and chest, where age and sun really shows. It's truly great for the entire body.


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